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HCM City to develop more cultural works, improve cultural environment (25/08)
HCM City will upgrade or build 28 cultural works from now to 2010, with the focus on four key projects, according to the HCM City Department of Culture and Information<br>
The country's cultural and tourist center (13/03)
HCM City is only 300 years old but has many human and historical values created by the exchange of different cultures. The culture of the former Saigon and present-day HCM City shows an original characteristic of the Vietnamese culture and nation in the historical and geographical context of the countrys southern region.
Training Centers and Institutes for Culture and Arts Research (03/03)
As a center of culture and sciences in the southern region and Vietnam as a whole, Ho Chi Minh City has training and research activities in the field of culture and arts, which are on a scale second only to Hanoi.
Cultural Merging In Saigon-HCM City (03/03)
Over hundreds of years, with the vicissitude of history, the world’s various cultures seemed to have found a common place to converge in Saigon-HCM City. The city has been gradually turned into a non-discriminating community, a cultural kaleidoscope, for people from almost every corner of the world, regardless of race and ideology.
Saigonese: People With A Difference (03/03)
Saigon in the pre-modern and modern eras became a big cultural and economic center within Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Has a 300-year culture formed a distinctive character for “Saigonese”?


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