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Education - Science and HealthTuesday, 03/08/2005, 06:52

Human resource development program

The establishment of this program requires responses to the following four matters
Human resource development program

Human resource development program


University graduates in HCM City

1. Expected goals:

The establishment of this program requires responses to the following four matters:

  • Identify the scope and quality of training required by society, structure of training fields, and related participants within the 2001-2005 period.
  • Identify ownership framework, vocational framework of the training system to meet the demands of high quality training, utilizing overseas training opportunities and foreign educational organizations in Vietnam.
    For the success of these goals, Government policies should be clarified to encourage, direct the development in accordance with the training framework, and secure training quality with a sufficient source of instructors and healthy competitive environment among training providers.
  • Forecast sponsorship for trainees (self-supported, sponsored by enterprises or foreign organizations, government loans, scholarships and so on), and then propose the State�s responsibility for training methods and nurturing talent.
  • Establish a State Training Management Program for training fields and trainees (construction of training base, licensing, follow-up, coordination promotion, international cooperation, training budget allocation, training system database, assessing and ranking training bases, and training management machinery at all levels.

2. Seven detailed programs for the 2001-2005 period:

1-     General education development program: By 2005, the city expects to complete universalization of secondary education in 24 districts. The number of students from the kindergarten to the secondary education level is estimated at more than 1.18 million.

2-     Vocational training program: By 2005, the target is to have 1.12 million trained workers, including 560,000 skilled workers of grade 3 and equivalent levels.

3-     Higher education development program: The city expects to have 300,000 scientific and technical experts at the college level or higher. To meet the demand of socio-economic development, it needs 2,000 postgraduates a year, including 100-120 doctors and 1,800-2,000 masters.

4-     Human resources development for business management: Training 1,000 business managers and supporting the development of small and medium enterprises.

5-     Human resource development for the political system: Training cadres with good qualifications in political theory, and foreign language and computer skills.

6-     Training high-quality human resources and leading experts to meet the manpower demand of key industries in the city.

7-     Discovering, nurturing and developing talented people in sports, arts and culture

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