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About HCM City > Posts > Necessary phone services
Emergency numbersSaturday, 03/05/2005, 11:20

Necessary phone services

Economic, cultural, and social information...




Telephone repair 119
Local long-distance phone services 101
International long-distance phone services 110
Local phone guide 116
Time 117
Ring 118
Economic, cultural, and social information 1080
National message services in Vietnamese 107
National message services in English 105
Information of national message services 106
International automatic phone 00
Inter-province automatic phone 0
Vietnamese code 84
International Dialing 142
International directories


The internal network of National Defense Ministry


0+695+ subscribe number in Hanoi

0+696+ subscribe number in HCM City

0+697+ subscribe number in Danang


The internal network of Ministry of Public Security


0+694+ subscribe number in Hanoi

0+693+ subscribe number in HCM City

0+692+ subscribe number in Danang


Phoning in VDC network 0+125+ VDC�s extend number
VSAT satellite services 0+99+ subscribe phone number
Phoning in Mobile Phone�s network 0+90+3+ subscribe phone number
Phoning in Vina Phone�s network 0+91+3+ subscribe phone number

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