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April 30, 2005Wednesday, 04/06/2005, 12:16

Where To Visit On April 30?

Check out the Ho Chi Minh Campaign Museum

Where To Visit On April 30?

Ho Chi Minh Campaign Museum

Check out the Ho Chi Minh Campaign Museum

After being closed for the past eight months for renovations to the building and displays, the Museum of the Ho Chi Minh Campaign will reopen on April 22-26 to mark the 30th anniversary of the national liberation on April 30.

Tran Thi Nhung, member of the museum’s managing board, said a good sample of the museum’s resources would be on show for this occasion. There are five main parts, namely a statue of April 30 victory, a relief display, a small rough model, a depiction of the northern command room for the HCM campaign and a room with contents from the former Saigon Government.

When entering the museum’s main door, visitors will see a statue with an image of soldiers holding the Vietnamese flag high. The statue clearly shows feeling of pride and joy of the victory of spring 1975. Around the place are many reliefs showing images of battles, Saigonese citizens, and soldiers and victories.

Coming to the main apartment of the museum, visitors have pointed out the main points of this display. On the right downstairs is a small rough model that shows the process of the general offensive in the spring of 1975. There is also a camera used to record the fighting during the offensive. When the cinema showed a battle some place, bulbs will turn on at that place on a model.

At the beginning of the film is the Highlands fighting that lasted from March 4 to March 24 in 1975. This was used as a springboard for battles at other places. The fighting shown included attacking and occupying Thuan Man and cutting Road 14 linking Pleiku and Buon Me Thuot on March 8; isolating and occupying Buon Me Thuot on March 9-10; occupying Pleiku and Kontum on March 16; and the enemy armies withdrawing from the Highlands on March 24.

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Museum of Ho Chi Minh Campaign is at 2 Le Duan St., Dist. 1, HCM City (Tel: 8229387). After 1975, this is the place managed by Military Zone 7's command. In 1993, it was allowed to build what became the Museum of the Ho Chi Minh Campaign. It was officially opened in 1995.

The film gives an overview of the liberation of Quang Tri Province on March 19, Hue City on March 25, Danang City on March 29, Binh Dinh and Phu Yen provinces on April 1, Khanh Hoa Province on April 3, and Xuan Loc in Dong Nai Province on April 24. After April 26, the campaign to liberate Saigon started with fighting at Saigon’s neighbor regions including Trang Bom, Ho Nai, and Bien Hoa. This fighting prepared the way for attacking central Saigon.

In the end of the film is the image of the liberation troops’ tanks that knocked down the main gate of the President’s Palace, the headquarters of the Saigon Government on April 30. The Vietnamese flag fluttered in the wind above the palace to mark the end of the war. And Saigonese showed a lot of happiness in the first days of the liberation.

After watching the film, visitors will have an opportunity to visit two showrooms upstairs. The one on the right shows valuable things in nature as well as photos describing operations of the HCM Campaign’s command with historic decisions. The second on the left captures the failure of Saigon Government.

(HCM City - April 06)

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