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About HCM City > Posts > Thu Duc Church, over 100 years old
PlacesMonday, 06/18/2007, 08:47

Thu Duc Church, over 100 years old

Thu Duc Church

Thu Duc Church, over 100 years old


From Thu Duc Market, you go up a gentle slope to see a cathedral in brushwood. Although the Thu Duc Church is over 100 years old, it still remains magnificently beautiful.


It was built in 1880 on the design of a Catholic priest named Boutier. He was appointed vicar of Phong Phu Parish- Thu Duc.


Thu Duc Church was designed according to Gothic architecture. All the main doors and windows, both inside and out, are shaped like pointed archs. It was built on a high and dry place. Two rows of pillars in the cathedral were decorated lightly and fluidly, although it�s not as sophisticated as Roman architecture.


The ceiling arch is wide and very high. The walls of cathedral�s two sides are decorated with wood statues that describe stories in the Bible. The Gothic architectural style creates a severe appearance but is luxurious up close.


In 1931, the church�s two sides were expanded and it was widened again in 1935. Although rebuilt, it hasn�t lost its architecture as a cathedral. 


Thu Duc Church�s courtyard is very wide, over 6,000 square meters. The surrounding garden of the church has a lot of century-old trees that have been near the cathedral over its many years.

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