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About HCM City > Posts > Tan Dinh Church, 129 years of development
PlacesMonday, 06/18/2007, 08:48

Tan Dinh Church, 129 years of development

Tan Dinh Church

Tan Dinh Church, 129 years of development


Tan Dinh Church is a work typical of different architectural styles. It is one of  the earliest religious buildings in Saigon and was opened to the public on December 16th, 1876. 


In 1896, the church was widened with two more apartments and two lines of trees surrounded by walls. Its chancelery was expanded in 1926. At the same time, a 52.62m bell tower with 6 large bells was constructed near the gate to Hai Ba Trung street.


 On January 6th, 1929, Tan Dinh Church received three Italian marble altars valued at 50,000 francs as a family�s gift. In 1949, the iron purlins on it sides were replaced.



In 1957, its yard was covered with macadam and asphalt. In December, 1976, it was repainted and the iron fence removed to prepare the 100th anniversary since Tan Dinh�s construction. Concurrently, the holy temple was heightened and coated with blue grindstones in harmony with the surrounding poles. During this period, the bell-tower was also repaired and the ceiling was redecorated. With its typical pink and high bell-tower,Tan Dinh Church is very prominent in the skyline. In July, 1999 and September, 2000, Tan Dinh Church was repainted both inside and out.



Located on a crowded street with people and vehicles passing by, Tan Dinh Church has beautiful architecture with curved arches and sophisticated and skilfully carved reliefs. On the end of every day, when the bell rings melodiously and a bank of white clouds gather; the church bell-tower is profiled clearly in the sky.

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