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About HCM City > Posts > Ky Yen Festival at Binh Dong - Ho Chi Minh city
PlacesMonday, 06/18/2007, 08:51

Ky Yen Festival at Binh Dong - Ho Chi Minh city

Ky Yen Festival at Binh Dong - H

Ky Yen Festival at Binh Dong - Ho Chi Minh city


The Binh Dong communal house is located on the banks of Ba Tang canal and is one of the two communal houses which receive the largest number of visitors and worshippers in HCM City.


The Ky Yen festival lasts five days from the 10th day to the 14th day of the second lunar month in Ward 7, District 8. Its ceremony worships hard working ancestors and longlasting peace.


The Ky Yen Festival includes: a ceremony of worshipping the inventors, remembering the masters of vocational training in the hamlet; a ceremony reciting the Buddhist scriptures for longlasting peace, ceremonies of worshipping gods tien hien and hau hien (sages of former time) whose generations reclaimed virgin soil, set up the hamlet and built welfare houses. It also includes Boi (tuong) singing to worship god.


On the first day, worship is organized in memory of teachers in the village. The day after, a prayer for a quiet life is held according to the rituals of Buddhism. On the third day, there are rituals to request the temple�s exorcising charm, worshipping the deity and praying for good weather, a peaceful life and prosperity. Worship for talented and righteous subjects who were founders of hamlets and built places for the villages� public welfare is held on the fourth day. Finally, the last day is reserved for rituals for the temple itself.


The Binh Dong communal house is recognized as a cultural relic by the Cultural and Information Ministry

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