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PlacesMonday, 06/18/2007, 08:55

Ngoc Hoang Pagoda

Ngoc Hoang Pagoda

Ngoc Hoang Pagoda


The Emperor Jade Pagoda (Chua Ngoc Hoang or Phuoc Hai Tu) is located at 73 Mai Thi Luu Street, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Ngoc Hoang Pagoda is also known as the Tortoise Pagoda. This figurine-filled place of worship is considered by many to be Saigon�s finest. The Jade Emperor Pagoda is one of the most attractive pagodas in the city. Dedicated to various Chinese-Vietnamese divinities, in a mixture of Taoist and Buddhist styles, the pagoda houses numerous statues and delicate woodcarvings with intricate tiles on the roof.


An outer courtyard is filled with lotus ponds and bamboo bird cages, two fish and turtle pools, and Ho Phap temple �with the names of the two colossal statues guarding the main gate of a pagoda. The pagoda has about 300 statues placed in three sections as follows:


  • God of the soil (the left of entrance) and the gate-gods (the right of entrance)
  • Duoc Su Buddha is in the central section
  • Thanh Long General is placed in the left and Phuc Ho General in the right
  • Emperor Jade is worshiped in central, Cundi Bodhisattva in right and Huyen Vo Buddha in left.


You�ll be rewarded with the sight of several giant papier-mache Buddhist and Taoist figures, magnificent but fierce-looking, standing at the side. Though choc-a-bloc with statuettes and carvings, the Taoist Jade Emperor takes center stage. Take a close look at the pagoda� worn walls, lined with gilt-edge and old wooden tablets, and scrawled with Chinese characters.


In addition, there are many statues such as a constellation in the northern hemisphere, Ursa major, Sun Wukong.  Some statues were made from wood and others from pasteboard.


The Emperor Jade Pagoda is one of the pagodas to attract many pilgrims in the first and the fifteenth day of the lunar month and holidays. Especially, it attracts more and more pilgrims on the birth anniversary of the Emperor Jade.

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