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About HCM City > Posts > Long Thanh, a famous pagoda
PlacesMonday, 06/18/2007, 08:56

Long Thanh, a famous pagoda

Long Thanh

Long Thanh, a famous pagoda


The Long Thanh pagoda is located at C15/20 Hamlet 3, Tan Tao Commune, Binh Tan District, HCM City. It has ancient architecture and was built in 1740 during the Le Canh Hung dynasty.


The Long Thanh pagoda was built with meticulously carved wood. It was nearly burned down in a war of resistance against the French colonialists, but in 1945, Buddhist monk Thich Buu Y restored it and tried to retain its old architecture.


The Long Thanh pagoda�s structure is cement but still has the style of the ancient pagoda. It was built according to the Southern house type, with a double tile roof and 42 pillars propping up the roof. The central room�s handrails were carved with 18 arhats in vivid and skilful lines.


It has 32 ancient statues and a great bell. The most valuded among them is the 1,600kg statue of Di Da Buddha made of bronze. It is one of the statues from the first year of establishment.


Long Thanh pagoda is harmonized between ancient architecture and natural scenery. Time marks are boldly printed on the green moss of towers. The 3.5m to 5m high statues of Di Lac Buddha, Thich Ca Buddha and the Goddess of Mercy are placed in the front of the pagoda yard.


Its structure is built in Southern Vietnamese colors and is one of the ancient pagodas in HCM City. Many of the pagoda�s nuns joined the movement to struggle against French colonialism and American imperialism.


At present, there are many domestic and foreign visitors who come to visit and worship at the pagoda.

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