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The first settlers (04/03)
In his book of literary works about the southern land in the 17th century when the first Vietnamese settlers arrived, Le Quy Don wrote: “From the Can Gio Estuary, the Soai Rap, Tieu (Small) and Dai (Grand) estuaries ... up (the rivers)”, the land of Saigon remained deserted, covered by dense forests and marshes. 
Nguyen Huu Canh, the founder of Saigon-HCM City (04/03)
From Saigon to Ho Chi Minh City (04/03)
The first 75 years (19/02)
HCM City to develop more cultural works, improve cultural environment (25/08)
HCM City will upgrade or build 28 cultural works from now to 2010, with the focus on four key projects, according to the HCM City Department of Culture and Information<br> 
The country's cultural and tourist center (13/03)
Training Centers and Institutes for Culture and Arts Research (03/03)
Cultural Merging In Saigon-HCM City (03/03)
Saigonese: People With A Difference (03/03)
The National Center for Education, Science, Technology and Health Care (08/03)
During the doi moi (renovation) era, from 1990 to the present, HCM City has been proving that it is the hub of high-quality education and training. Human resource training develops in accord with increases in both quantity and quality. 
A review of HCM City’s compulsory elementary education (08/03)
Human resource development program (08/03)
Great achievements of HCM City’s health service (06/03)
Quang Trung Software City (06/03)
HCM City to strive for annual industrial growth of 13% (11/12)
HCM City will try to achieve an annual industrial growth rate of 13% from now to 2010, according to a decision of the HCM City People’s Committee approving the city’s industrial restructuring program in the 2006-2010 period 
HCM City expects to earn US$4.5 billion from hi-tech (24/08)
HCM City to develop 32 million square meters of housing in 2006-2010 (22/08)
City announces action plan to warm up Thu Thiem New Urban Town (22/08)
HCM City launches five environment protection programs for 2006-2010 (02/08)
Topography (07/03)
HCM City belongs to a transitional region between the southeastern and Mekong Delta regions. The general topography is that HCM City terrain gets lower from north to south and from east to west. There are three types of terrain. 
Geology and Soil (07/03)
Geography (07/03)
The ecology of HCM City (07/03)
Welcome to Chinatown (12/03)
Culture, architecture and food combine as attractions for residents and visitors in one of HCM City's most distinctive sections 
Community grouping (19/02)