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Saigon Times Top 40 Award  (10/03)
In a effort to promote foreign investment in Vietnam in general and the Southern Focal Economic Zone in particular, the Saigon Times Group has cooperated with the departments of planning and investment of Vietnam's top foreign direct investment destinations-HCM City, Ba Ria-Vung Tau, Dong Nai and Binh Duong-to select the top 10 performing foreign investors in each locality for the Saigon Times Top 40 Award. The selection is held annually to honor the top 10 best performers in each field.
Venture investors are necessary in technology market  (09/03)
Investment in technology research is a high risk decision, because the life cycle of technology is becoming shorter and the funds spent on research are large. There is also the risk of the technology being copied and having low commercial viability.
Service sector needs a boost (09/03)
The world trend is for the percentage of services in an economy's gross domestic product (GDP) structure to rise. However, it is the reverse in Vietnam. In 1997, services made up 42.2% of GDP, but the percentage fell to 38.2% in 2003 and was forecast to fall further in 2004.
Overseas Vietnamese investment in Vietnam (09/03)
How can overseas Vietnamese invest in Vietnam? Can they buy shares in shareholding companies?
Foreign capital contribution in companies (09/03)
Several foreign friends and I plan to establish limited liability companies. Is this allowed by Vietnamese law?


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