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Vinh Long province (18/09)
VINH LONG PROVINCE .ExternalClass038530F90A084E19934A55AA23B7B249 p.MsoTitle {margin:11.35pt 0in;line-height:26.0pt;text-autospace:none;font-size:26.0pt;font-family:'VnFranklin-Cond�.Gothic';color:#7F7F7F;text-transform:uppercase;} .ExternalClass038530F90A084E19934A55AA23B7B249 p.MsoBodyTextIndent {margin-bottom:.0001pt;line-height:15.0pt;text-autospace:none;font-size:1...
Vinh Phuc province (18/09)
VINH PHUC PROVINCE .ExternalClass873C870F0D4841C6A459C36038AE5EC4 p.MsoTitle {margin:11.35pt 0in;line-height:26.0pt;text-autospace:none;font-size:26.0pt;font-family:'VnFranklin-Cond�.Gothic';color:#7F7F7F;text-transform:uppercase;} .ExternalClass873C870F0D4841C6A459C36038AE5EC4 p.MsoBodyTextIndent {margin-bottom:.0001pt;line-height:15.0pt;text-autospace:none;font-size:1...
Nam Dinh province (18/09)
NAM DINH PROVINCE .ExternalClass6E29012DF90146BC8AC2CC2591F4F5F2 p.MsoTitle {margin:11.35pt 0in;line-height:26.0pt;text-autospace:none;font-size:26.0pt;font-family:'VnFranklin-Cond�.Gothic';color:#7F7F7F;text-transform:uppercase;} .ExternalClass6E29012DF90146BC8AC2CC2591F4F5F2 p.BodyText1 {margin-bottom:.0001pt;text-align:justify;line-height:15.0pt;text-autospace:none;f...
Long An Province (18/09)
Long An Province .ExternalClass9C73304C41044B63887C8E6BA749C56B p.MsoTitle {margin:11.35pt 0in;line-height:26.0pt;text-autospace:none;font-size:26.0pt;font-family:'VnFranklin-Cond�.Gothic';color:#7F7F7F;text-transform:uppercase;} .ExternalClass9C73304C41044B63887C8E6BA749C56B p.BodyText1 {margin-bottom:.0001pt;text-align:justify;line-height:15.0pt;text-autospace:none;fo...
Government approves IPs development plan by 2015 (11/09)
The government has issued Decision 1107/QD-TTg dated August 21, 2006 approving a plan to develop industrial parks nationwide (IPs) by 2015 with orientations through 2020
Ha Noi City (08/04)
AN GIANG PROVINCE HANOI CITY   Hanoi Industrial Park and Export Processing Zone Authority Address: D8A, D8B, Giang Vo, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi Tel: 04.7721156 Fax: 04.7721152 � NOI BAI INDUSTRIAL ZONE � HANOI   - DAI TU INDUSTRIAL ZONE � DAEWOO � HANEL INDUSTRIAL ZONE (SAI DONG A) � SAI ...
Hai Phong City (08/04)
AN GIANG PROVINCE HAIPHONG CITY   Haiphong Export Processing Zone and Industrial Park Authority Address: 24 Cu Chinh Lan Street, Haiphong Tel: 031.841694 � 823206 Fax: 031.842426 Email: � NOMURA   - HAIPHONG INDUSTRIAL ZONE � DINH VU INDUSTRIAL ZONE � HAIPHONG �96 EXPORT PROCESS...
Ha Tinh Province (06/04)
AN GIANG PROVINCE HA TINH PROVINCE   Ha Tinh Industrial Park Authority Add: 1 Nguyen Chi Thanh St., Ha Tinh Town, Ha Tinh Province Tel: 039.881522 � 881298 Fax: 039.881237 � VUNG ANG SEAPORT � INDUSTRIAL PARK    
Ha Tay Province (06/04)
AN GIANG PROVINCE HA TAY PROVINCE   Preparatory Board for Ha Tay Industrial Parks Add: 2 Phung Hung St., Van Mo Ward, Ha Dong Town, Ha Tay Province Tel: 034.501399 Fax: 034.514260 � PHU CAT INDUSTRIAL PARK � HOA LAC HIGH-TECH PARK    
Dong Nai Province (05/04)
AN GIANG PROVINCE DONG NAI PROVINCE   Dong Nai Industrial Zone Authority (DIZA) Address: Lot 26 2A St., Bien Hoa 2 IP, Long Binh Ward, Bien Hoa, Dong Nai Tel: 061.892376 � 892377 � 892378 Fax: 061.892379 Email: � BIEN HOA 1 INDUSTRIAL PARK � BIEN HOA 2 INDUSTRIAL PARK � GO DA...
Ha Nam Province (05/04)
AN GIANG PROVINCE HA NAM PROVINCE   Ha Nam Industrial Park Authority Add: Ha Nam People�s Committee Office, Phu Ly Municipality, Ha Nam Province Tel: 0351.852617 � 852619 Fax: 0351.854707 � DONG VAN INDUSTRIAL PARK    
Gia Lai Province (05/04)
Dong Thap Province (05/04)
AN GIANG PROVINCE DONG THAP PROVINCE   Dong Thap Industrial Zone Authority Address: 466 Nguyen Sinh Sac Street, Ward 1, Sa Dec Township, Dong Thap Province Tel: 067.865471 � 863086 � 863087 Fax: 067.865471 Email: Website: � SA DEC INDUSTRIAL Z...
Binh Dinh Province (04/04)
AN GIANG PROVINCE BINH DINH PROVINCE   Binh Dinh Industrial Zone Authority Address: 469 Tran Hung Dao St., Quy Nhon City Tel: 056.813157 � 813169 � 814067 � 812455 Fax: 056.813158 Email: � PHU TAI INDUSTRIAL PARK    
Bac Ninh Province (04/04)
AN GIANG PROVINCE BAC NINH PROVINCE   Bac Ninh Industrial Zone Authority (BACNINH IZA) Address: People�s Committee of Bac Ninh Province Building,  Phu Dong Thien Vuong Street, Bac Ninh Township, Bac Ninh province Tel: 0241.825232 - 825233 Fax: 0241.825236 Email: Website: ...