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Investment opportunitiesWednesday, 03/09/2005, 08:26

Marching Toward the East Sea

Located in a low-lying region with undeveloped infrastructure and sparse population, the outlying districts of Nha Be and Can Gio make up nearly half of HCM City’s area. This region is not only the city’s gate to the East Sea but also adjacent to the Mekong Delta province of Long An.
Marching Toward The East Sea   Located in a low
Marching Toward The East Sea 

Located in a low-lying region with undeveloped infrastructure and sparse population, the outlying districts of Nha Be and Can Gio make up nearly half of HCM City�s area. This region is not only the city�s gate to the East Sea but also adjacent to the Mekong Delta province of Long An. In addition, it�s convenient for waterway transportation from this region to other provinces in the Mekong Delta. Moreover, the Soai Rap and Nha Be rivers, with a width of 1,000 meters or more (three times that of the Saigon River), are suitable for the construction of a new Saigon port along the two rivers. So, the enlargement of HCM City toward the East Sea (southward) will bring many advantages. These can be listed as follows: 

� Expanding the urban area, creating more sites for industrial parks and residential areas. 

� Creating a new shipping channel and a new port near the sea that allows larger ships to dock in the city; thereby contributing to overcome Saigon Port�s current problem. 

� Creating favorable conditions for the construction of bridges across the Saigon River to serve the scheme to develop the city toward the East Sea. 

To realize this development strategy, the city has carried out large-scale research and put forward investment projects as follows: 

Building Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone with an area of 300 hectares in Nha Be District.

Opening Bac Nha Be-Nam Binh Chanh Highway, also called Binh Thuan Highway, to more traffic 

The highway stretches 17.8 kilometers from Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone to Binh Chanh District and links with National Highway 1. The 10-lane road, with a width of 120 meters, helps in the transport of export goods to Saigon Port. The highway, also an important beltway of the city, runs parallel to the Te and Doi canals (east-west from Saigon to Cholon). 

Saigon South New Urban Complex
The new urban complex along Binh Thuan Highway covers 2,600 hectares and is designed to house 500,000 inhabitants. The urban complex is zoned parallel with the city�s current inner area (comprising districts 1, 4, 5, 6 and 8) and around five kilometers from Tran Hung Dao axis. The complex consists of 21 specialized areas for different purposes such as commercial activity and services, residence, production, goods distribution, administration, health services, sport, education and training, hi-tech science and entertainment. 

Hiep Phuoc Industrial Park
Hiep Phuoc Industrial Park covers 2,000 hectares in Hiep Phuoc Commune, Nha Be District, by the Soai Rap River. It is contiguous with Long An Province to the west. To reach the park from the heart of the city, drive along Village Road 34 for 16 kilometers. To reach the East Sea, a boat travels down the Soai Rap River for about 20 kilometers.

The IP is designed to gather industrial sectors that need a spacious area for production or as a port to receive large ships as well as polluted sectors such as dyeing, chemicals and metal plating. A 675 MW thermopower plant has been built to supply electricity for the Hiep Phuoc IP and the southern part of the city. 

Dredging Soai Rap River
Soai Rap is the largest outfall of the Dong Nai River. Its width is measured at 660 meters at the narrowest section and 3,000 meters at its widest. However, the depth at the river�s widest section is only six or seven meters so Soai Rap River has yet to be used as a major passageway from HCM City to the East Sea. The city plans to dredge Soai Rap River to more than 13 meters, not only to take sand for leveling ground for the construction of Hiep Phuoc IP but also create a good passage for large ships moving to Saigon Port. In addition, many deep ports can be built along the banks of the Soai Rap River. 

Expanding Village Road 34
The 16-km Village Road 34 links Hiep Phuoc IP and downtown HCM City. The HCM City People�s Committee plans to upgrade the road to a width of 60 meters. When completed, the road will link the city�s inner area with Hoc Mon and Cu Chi districts and will be the city�s South-North trunk road. 

The above projects have been implemented during the past years, creating a system of connected projects that help enlarge HCM City toward the south and southeast directions to Can Gio District. They also help the city march toward the East Sea, in accord with the world�s current tendency of urban development.

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