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PlanningWednesday, 03/09/2005, 06:49

Development targets

Develop and modernize key sectors, namely trading, import-export, finance and banking, insurance, tourism, telecommunications, science and technology and services for trading and production in HCM City and southern provinces.

Development targets

1.      Develop and modernize key sectors, namely trading, import-export, finance and banking, insurance, tourism, telecommunications, science and technology and services for trading and production in HCM City and southern provinces.

The goal is to develop HCM City into a trading and financial center for Vietnam and even for the Southeast Asia region.

2.      Invest to upgrade technologies and machinery to improve product quality.

This means focusing on developing spearhead industries including mechanics, electronics and information technology. It involves the faster introduction of biotechnology into production of agricultural and seafood products and high-quality sapling varieties as well as the development of new materials.

The city’s industrial parks should be developed in line with the southern region’s development and distribution strategies and cooperation with industrial parks in other provinces should be strengthened.

Production establishments will be moved from inner-city districts to outlying areas. This will protect the environment while allowing enterprises to grow.

3.      Foster the development of the eco-agriculture and processing industry to have clean fruit and vegetables.

The tasks to develop the agriculture sector and rural areas must be implemented at the same time. Priority is given to improving infrastructure, including electricity, traffic, water supply, communication, schools, hospitals and housing, as well as developing education.

4.      Upgrade technical infrastructure to tackle the current overloading. Concentrate on developing public communications, upgrading airports and ports, and expanding the fleet of ships and developing sea transport services.

Cooperation with neighboring provinces is necessary to upgrade national highways 1A, 22, 13, 50, 51 and build new roads linking cities with new urban towns and industrial zones.

Improved communications links between HCM City and southern provinces are needed to ensure smooth flows of traffic between the city and other localities as well as trans-Asia.

The city’s communications and transport, electricity, water supply and drainage and urban sanitation systems must be upgraded to catch up with the technology and management progress of big cities in the region and the world as well.

Architectural re-zoning must be pursued to turn HCM City into a city which is modern but which preserves the national character. Historic, cultural and architectural sites, as well as natural landscape, must be preserved.

Clearance of slums along canals, resettlement of affected people, and dredging canals must be completed by 2010.

5.      Call for investment from all economic sectors into cultural fields. Encourage civilized lifestyles, but national characteristics must be maintained. The importance of education and training to satisfy the demand for better human resources must be recognized.

6.      Urbanization, infrastructure investment and construction must be under strict control. The cityscape will get a facelift. New urban towns are planned to be up to standards regarding zoning, architecture, public facilities and other standards of modern towns.

HCM City will be developed into a multi-center city and linked with southern urban centers. Natural and mechanical population growth rates will be limited. The city is targeted to have a population of 7.2 million, made up of 4.5 million people in 12 old inner-city districts, 1.3 million in five newly-established inner-city districts and 1.4 million in new outlying districts in 2010.

The old inner-city area will get a facelift while infrastructure at the new area will be improved. The city will speed up the establishment of new urban towns and industrial zones to move part of the inner-city area’s population. Outlying urban towns and districts will be established.

7.      Development orientation:

The East: Districts 2 and 9 will be expanded to the boundary with Nhon Trach and Long Thanh of Dong Nai Province.

The South: Districts 7, 8 and Nha Be and southern Binh Chanh will be expanded towards the sea.

The North: Along National Highway 22 (trans-Asia highway), the Hoc Mon and Cu Chi districts will be developed towards the boundary with Tay Ninh Province and along National Highway 13 towards Binh Duong Province.

The West: Along National Highways 1 and 50 towards the Mekong Delta region.

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