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Industrial ZonesMonday, 09/18/2006, 02:12

Quang Ninh province



Quang Ninh Industrial Park and Foreign Investment Authority

Add: Nguyen Van Cu St., Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province

Tel: 033.836579 � 835275 � 838367

Fax: 033.838022


Website: or

Head: Mr. Hoang Anh Son


Cai Lan Industrial Park

Establishment decision No. 578/QD-TTg dated July 25, 1997 by the Prime Minister

Area: 78ha (first phase)

Location: Bai Chay Ward, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province

Total investment capital: VND146.77 billion (first phase)

Operation duration: 50 years

� Characteristics

- Distance to economic and communication centers in the region:

+ Bordering Cua Luc Bay in the north, National Highway 18A in the south leading to Cai Lan Port and Bai Chay Bridge, and Cai Lan Port in the east

+ 5km from central Ha Long City

- Infrastructure:

+ An internal road system is under construction: main roads are 30m wide and auxiliary roads 25.5m

+ Road 10 to link Uong Bi with Haiphong is being built

+ Telecom services are provided by Quang Ninh Post Office

+ Power comes from the national power grid via Hoanh Bo Transformer Station

+ Water is supplied by Dong Ho Water Plant

- Targeted industries: mechanics, electrics, electronics, electrical refrigeration; production of containers, packages, children�s toys; building tourist and sport ships and boats; textiles and garments; processing agro-forestry and aquatic products.

� Developer

Quang Ninh Cement and Construction Company

Add: Quang Trung St., Uong Bi Town, Quang Ninh Province

Tel: 033.854474 � 855020 � Fax: 033.854574


Director: Mr. Cao Quang Duyet

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