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Industrial ZonesMonday, 09/18/2006, 02:15

Phu Yen province

Phu Yen Province

Phu Yen Province

Phu Yen Industrial Park Management Authority

Address: 353 Tran Hung Dao Street, Tuy Hoa Township, Phu Yen Province

Tel: 057.828252 � 828720

Fax: 057.828949



Head: Mr. Nguyen Chi Hien


Hoa Hiep Industrial Park

Establishment decision No.702/QD-TTg issued on August 11, 1998 by the Prime Minister

Area: 101.5ha

Location: Phuoc Lam Hamlet, Hoa Hiep Bac Commune, Tuy Hoa District, Phu Yen Province

Total investment capital: VND68.239 billion

Operation duration: 50 years

� Characteristics

- Distance to economic and communication centers in the region:

+ 8km from Tuy Hoa Township (Phu Yen provincial township)

+ 6km from National Highway 1A, near the intersection between National Highway 1A and routes to the Central Highlands (National Highway 25 and Provincial Road 645)

+ 20km from Vung Ro Port, 40km from Van Phong Port, 110km from Quy Nhon Port, 100km from Nha Trang Port

+ 2km from Tuy Hoa Airport

- Infrastructure:

+ Asphalted internal roads of 17m wide

+ External transport: road linking the industrial park with National Highway 1A and Vung Ro Port

+ Power: from Go Mam Sub-station with separate lines for the industrial park

+ Water: from Tuy Hoa Waterworks

+ Communications: Phu Hiep Post Station, 1km from the industrial park, with a 520-line switchboard and other postal services

+ Waste water treatment station with a capacity of 2,000 cu. m per day

- Targeted industries: electronic, mechanical engineering, chemical, and agro-, forestry and aqua-product processing industries

� Developer

Hoa Hiep IP Infrastructure Management Board

Address: 353 Tran Hung Dao Street, Tuy Hoa Township, Phu Yen Province

Tel: 057.828252 � 828720 � Fax: 057.828949


An Phu Industrial Park

Established according to Decision 63/QD-UB dated January 15, 2001 by the chairperson of Phu Yen Province People�s Committee

Area: 97ha (first phase: 69ha)

Location: Tuy An District, Phu Yen Province

+ 200m west of National Highway 1A

+ Bordering the main road in the east that leads to Tuy Hoa Town

Targeted industries: food processing; garments; precision mechanical engineering; assembling electronics; household wooden products; construction materials

Current status: infrastructure construction for the first phase is underway


Dong Bac Song Cau Industrial Park

Area: 100ha (first phase: 40ha)

Location: Xuan Hai Commune, Song Cau District, Phu Yen Province

+ 20km from Quy Nhon Port

+ Bordering the Quy Nhon-Song Cau road

Targeted industries: food processing; textiles, garments and leather products; fine art products; chemicals; cosmetics; rubber; fishing equipment; packages; electronics and IT products.

Current status: leveling is underway

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