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NewsTuesday, 03/03/2020, 09:50

HCMC, Hessen's relation strengthened through leaders' visits

At a meeting to receive Hessian Minister of Higher Education Angela Dorn yesterday, Ho Chi Minh City Party Chief Nguyen Thien Nhan said visits of leaders of two countries have tightened ties between Vietnam and Germany.

Mr. Nhan accordingly proposed Ms. Angela Dorn to encourage enterprises and education institutions in Hessen to cooperate with Ho Chi Minh City in the field of IT, automation, scientific research and education.

Mr. Nhan confirmed that city authorities are willing to facilitate and support German enterprises and institution.

On her part, Ms. Angela Dorn congratulated Vietnam generally and Ho Chi Minh City particularly to have good measures against the spread of Covid-19. She added that Hessen is strong at virus research and making vaccine against virus; accordingly, the state always welcomes Vietnamese young researchers who carry researches on Covid-19 which is becoming a global issue.

She hoped that the activity will contribute in more strengthening the relation between the two countries.

In addition to Covid-19, Hessen authority pays attention to climate change. Minister Angela Dorn said that data of the Mekong Delta collected by her group during the tour in the region will be useful for scientists in Hessen who are carrying out researches on the issue.

She expressed the expectation that there will be more education projects between German and HCMC to consolidate the bilateral ties in different fields.

Sharing Covid-19 prevention task in HCMC, Mr. Nhan stressed isolation is just a primary solution to contain the disease spread. Vietnam is not neglected preventive measures due to the global complicated development of the disease.


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