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Phu Sa, biological tourist area for the future  (10/10)
The atmosphere here is very quiet and fresh,” said Tran Kim Dinh, a resident of Can Tho’s Ninh Kieu District, while visiting the Phu Sa Tourist Area located on Au Island in the Hau River
Exploring Hoi An on foot  (10/10)
While walking around Hoi An, exploring the small but beautiful town, tourists - even those who visit frequently - find a quiet peace in the unique atmosphere combining elements of Vietnam, China, and Japan
Golf tours throughout the country  (10/10)
During the high season for tourism, Ben Thanh Tour-ist is offering golf packages throughout the country
Exploring Cham culture in Ninh Thuan  (10/10)
Booking a tour to the coastal province of Ninh Thuan to explore the Cham culture will make a great impression on you, especially when visiting the enchanting Vinh Hy Bay
Booking a tour to explore Asia  (10/10)
Local companies have recently designed tours for those who love to explore the landscapes and traditional cultures of Asian countries
See the Mekong Delta a different way (23/09)
Interlacing rivers and channels plus an abundance of fruit and vegetables are just a sample of what makes the Mekong Delta popular with tourists and the travel companies that take them there
Phu Ninh - more than a lake  (11/09)
Along the route from Danang City to Quang Ngai Prov-ince in Central Vietnam is Phu Ninh Lake, seen as one of the country’s biggest irrigational systems
It’s all made of gold  (11/09)
For most people, the idea of visiting a gold mine to see real gold would be almost unimaginable, almost dreamy, since they are buried deep underground, preciously hidden far away from the general public
Glimpse of Vietnamese traditional villages   (11/09)
Visiting tourists shouldn’t miss the capital city of Hanoi. Whether staying for only a few days or at a long stretch, the capital offers a feast for the senses
Enjoying National Day specialities  (01/09)
National Day this year falls on Saturday, therefore most people will have a day off on Monday making a three-day break free from work for most laborers so they can relax and go somewhere different for entertainment for a nice change
A little piece of countryside by the city  (31/08)
For most of people, the thought of a scorpion is frightening, with there huge curvy tails ready to attack anybody unlucky enough to stumble across one at any time
A glimpse and taste of Angkor  (31/08)
The first sight one gets when arriving at Angkor Encore is a king size enlargement of a black and white photo of Angkor Wat Temple in Cambodia, with Buddha staring all around in four different directions, hung over the impressive bamboo gate
A country of scenic wonder (31/08)
Foreign tourists in Viet Nam often praise the country's beautiful scenery. A number of places have been utilised for tourism; some still remain unexploited<br>
HCM City-Nha Trang luxurious train service to be launched (30/08)
Truong Sinh Advertising and Sai Gon Railway Transport companies will launch a luxury train service between HCM City and the central beach resort city of Nha Trang in December this year <br>
Tours for National Day  (28/08)
Although the National Day holiday (September 2) is not such big a business opportunity as Liberation Day or Labour Day for tour operators, they are getting better at catering to holiday-makers over the long September weekend