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Travel GuideMonday, 09/11/2006, 09:33

Phu Ninh - more than a lake 

Along the route from Danang City to Quang Ngai Prov-ince in Central Vietnam is Phu Ninh Lake, seen as one of the country’s biggest irrigational systems
Phu Ninh - more than a lake

Phu Ninh - more than a lake 

A view from a boat station in the Phu Ninh Lake 

Along the route from Danang City to Quang Ngai Prov-ince in Central Vietnam is Phu Ninh Lake, seen as one of the country�s biggest irrigational systems.

With only a basic introduction, tourists may assume the lake has characteristics like those of countless others across the country, and may not find it very interesting. However, after setting foot on its shores, they will realize how impressive it is as more than just an irrigational lake.

The path leading to the lake runs along the mountainside of Quang Nam Province�s Tam Ky Town. The edges of the path overflow with small flora and green trees.

Overlooking the lake from a high point, Phu Ninh appears as clear as a mirror, with picturesque fishing boats traversing its face.

The lake, created by three spillways in Tam Xuan, Tam Dan and Tam Dai, communes in the town�s Phu Ninh District and is surrounded by mountains. For this reason, the weather is pristine and the area abounds with biological diversity. It is estimated that there are 70 species of trees, 170 species of medicinal plants and innumerable fruit species. The creatures found there are also worthy of attention, with many kinds of rare and valuable animals including red-faced monkeys, wolves, and chamois-like horses.

After a hike in the surrounding forest, visitors can try local specialties at Phu Ninh Restaurant, in order to get more energy for an afternoon on the lake. Chub-like fish spring rolls, fried chub, fish soup cooked with forest khe (a kind of juicy fruit) and dried chicken with onion, all of which belong to the region, are only a sample of the delicacies available for lunch.

With an area of 3,500 hectares, the lake is ideal for traveling by boat, not only for a short rest from hiking, but also to feel closer to the surrounding nature. The beauty of the lake is enhanced by around 30 various islets, including Su (rubber), Khi (monkey) and Rua (tortoise). Small bays, streams, rocks and trees add a fascinating ambiance to the experience.

Most notably, Phu Ninh has a hot spring located at its center, where water can reach temperatures of up to 70 degrees Celsius. Visitors can cook and enjoy eggs in the spring water!

Tourists, especial young people, will find the Phu Ninh region an ideal place for camping, climbing, fishing, or simply passing a quiet afternoon traveling by boat.


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