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Travel GuideFriday, 08/11/2006, 03:29

Restaurants of fame  

For restaurants, elements that are factored in for success are not only good food, but also their fame
Restaurants of fame

Restaurants of fame  


A view of Givral Restaurant in downtown HCM City

For restaurants, elements that are factored in for success are not only good food, but also their fame. Givral and Vietnam House under Bong Sen Corporation in HCMC have both, and that is the reason why they are among the frequented venues by many visitors from different walks of life.


Both restaurants are located on Dong Khoi Street in the heart of the city, which is deemed the most beautiful street in the southern commercial hub of the country. At the eateries, guests can enjoy good food, good views, good services, and good tales about their histories.


Givral Restaurant could be seen the oldest one in the city, and has been so famous in the past 60 years. It is the place where the British writer Graham Greene gave birth to a well-known book named �The Quiet American,� which was turned into a movie in 2001. Now, the 70-seat restaurant serves specialties from Europe, Asia as well as kinds of cakes and coffee.


For food, Givral not only serves local and international specialties, but also is a well-known venue of pastry, which has become quite familiar to city dwellers for many years.


The restaurant owner, having conducted a survey among patrons, has just introduced a new menu with over 100 international and Asian specialties. Courses are often well prepared and displayed nicely before serving. Diners may also run into rapture at the mere sight of different types of pastries well arranged in glass cabinets inside the restaurant. All foods and drinks are served within minutes upon orders.


Givral Restaurant, by choosing the motto �Hospitality from the Bottom of the Heart�, sends a message to customers that it commits itself to the best quality of food and services provided to the customers.


If Givral Restaurant is famous with �The Quiet American,� the Vietnam House restaurant is also famous with well-known politicians and dignitaries. The restaurant has been the venue of choice for many elite people, including President G.W. Bush Sr., former Philippine President Aquino, and other famous politicians, who went there to experience the specialties from the three regions of Vietnam.


Apart from the typical interior decoration that conveys a sense of luxury, coziness and attraction of Vietnamese traditions, Vietnam House also boasts a menu with selected dishes prepared by Vietnamese skilful chefs. That could be a point making customers remember it for years.


The two restaurants belong to Bong Sen Joint Stock Co., and have just received the title Standard Tourist Service from the HCMC Service of Tourism.


Givral Restaurant: 169 Dong Khoi Street, Dist.1, HCM City.

Vietnam House: 93-95 Dong Khoi Street, Dist.1, HCM City.

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