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Travel GuideFriday, 08/11/2006, 02:50

Enjoying the moonlight on Hon Tam Island 

The hustle and bustle of everyday life takes up most of ones time and can easily make you forget that above the sky
Enjoying the moonlight on Hon Ta

Enjoying the moonlight on Hon Tam Island 

The boat melts into the moonlight

The hustle and bustle of everyday life takes up most of ones time and can easily make you forget that above the sky, the moon is round, and that once a month it spreads its gentle light onto the world in full. However, crowded streets full of high houses, and artificial light from street lamps normally hide the moon from view and it is easy to forget the simple pleasure of enjoying moonlight.

Hon Tam Resort in Nha Trang in the coastal province of Khanh Hoa has come up with an interesting idea for a new tour, moon watching, from this July. So, if you are or can plan a trip on the 14th, 15th, or 16th, why don�t you try going to Hon Tam and lying on a boat floating over to the island, like a silk worm wrapped up in a leaf, basking in the uninterrupted moonlight. Now, that would be an experience you�d never forget.

Nha Trang is widely considered as being one of the most beautiful bays in the world. However, the feeling of walking on a beach under the still moonlight is marvelously different from walking on the same beach in the baking hot sunshine. The beach feels more comfortable, relaxed, and beautiful.

The trip starts at 6 pm, just after darkness has crept over the horizon and as the moon begins rising from behind Hon Tre Island. So as not to infringe upon the delicate moonlight, a boat with small mellow round lanterns for lights awaits you at Cau Da Port to take you on your tour. And you will experience a wonderfully strange feeling as you float off into the open sea under the yellow light of the moon.

Twenty minutes later, you will arrive at Hon Tam Island under the bleary watch of the moon. A guide then shows you along a small path that leads to a beautiful rocky outcrop on the south of the island, which is a peaceful and pleasant place to enjoy the moon for a while. The more adventurous can go exploring over pebbles and enjoy the sounds of gravel crunching under your feet.

Finally, you will find yourself in the ideal spot, atop a large rock as the wind massages you hair and the sound of waves wash all your stresses away, under the smooth yellow light from the moon. You then too will know of the pleasures of watching the moon in paradise.           

Once you are fully relaxed, Cung Dinh (Court) tea will be served. Watch the drops of boiling water come to a rest in the porcelain cups and slowly enjoy the sweet taste. Experience peacefulness.

When ready, the boat will return, and as you rise and fall gently amongst the waves under the high moonlight, you can almost taste the combination of sea breeze and still moon light. Later, a seafood barbecue with steamed rice, cooked noodles and wine or beer provides the perfect end to the perfect evening and it may be time for song or tune as the stars above watch enviously and Hon Tam Island waits patiently.

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