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HCM from A-ZThursday, 10/05/2006, 02:59

Blue Ginger:

Blue Ginger

Blue Ginger:


Vietnamese Specialties


Blue Ginger is an address of note for gourmets of Vietnamese cuisine. The dishes there embrace both the traditional character of Vietnamese food and the excellence of the culinary art.


"Good wine needs no bush." We capture three of the special dishes Blue Ginger has to offer. The first two are from the south and the third from the north. Try all the three and you have the entire food tastes representative of Vietnam.


Lau hai san

The first, lau hai san (seafood combination steamboat), is a favorite of almost all diners, especially Japanese. In fact, lau hai san is so popular among Japanese tourists that "they will protest if we don't include it in their menus at our restaurant," says Huynh Hoang Oanh, Blue Ginger's manager.


A tasty combination of shrimp, squid, fish, beef, mushroom, tofu and vegetables-boiled in stock-is enhanced by the golden Chinese vermicelli. What characterizes Blue Ginger's lau hai san is the kind of hotpot used. Charcoal is burnt inside the hotpot. There is also a high "chimney" that keeps the heat inside and stops it getting in the face of diners.


Diners can enjoy lau hai san at Blue Ginger with three of their senses-eyes, nose and mouth-all of which help display the subtlety of Vietnamese cuisine


Goi ngo sen


Although goi ngo sen (lotus stem salad with shrimp and pork) is a popular dish, you'll find the goi ngo sen at Blue Ginger of a different category.


Its secret lies with the selection of ingredients, and fresh shrimp and pork. Only young lotus stems are used. Therefore, instead of cutting stem sections into long pieces, Blue Ginger uses entire sections.


There's another secret: fish sauce. If you have never tried fish sauce, goi ngo sen offers a golden chance.

Western diners are the most ardent lovers of Blue Ginger's goi ngo sen.


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