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HCM from A-ZThursday, 10/05/2006, 03:02

A Memorable Caterer

Cafe Saigon tries to win the hearts of diners with the quality of its food and service By Anh Tuan <br><br>
A Memorable Caterer

A Memorable Caterer


Cafe Saigon tries to win the hearts of diners with the quality of its food and service By Anh Tuan


Located on the ground floor of the five-star Marco Polo Omni Saigon Hotel, Cafe Saigon is on the right of the reception desk.

The restaurant looks elegant and classical, with a cozy ambience created by the reddish brown of the furniture and decorations, and the dark yellow from the lights. Here, 154 people can have a meal at the same time.


Cate Saigon specializes in Asian, European, Mexican and American cuisine, providing both a-la-carte dishes and a buffet. On the nights of Thursday to Sunday, it serves theme buffets.


The Italy Night falls on Thursday night, with traditional and other Italian dishes such as pizza, spaghetti, ossobucco (veal shank in red wine) and tiramisu (dessert Mascapone cheese flavored with coffee and sponge cake). Diners enjoy an Italian setting with an Italian flag, a huge bottle of olive oil, and Italian bread and cheese for decoration, and the music of Italian operas.


Friday night is for the Tex-Mex Night with a buffet of Texas and Mexican styles. There are Mexican dishes such as those with black beans, green beans, red or green peppers, or soup and nachos. American foods include steak and dishes from corn, cheese, meat, and cow ribs.


The restaurant is decorated with a Texas cowboy's hat, rope, a saddle for horse riding, and dry corns and capsicums.

On Saturday and Sunday nights, there is the Seafood Night. Fisheries products account for 85%-90% of the dishes. There are scallop, oyster, shrimp, crab, Norwegian tuna, and so forth.


Cafe Saigon has 36 cooks working in three shifts. It serves about 60 dishes at ordinary buffets and 80 at theme buffets. Customers are guests of the hotel or from other hotels, office workers in the nearby area, and conference guests, VIP card holders, among others.


"Omni Saigon is said to have a Western flavor in its dishes," says Quach Thien Tuong, executive sous chef of the hotel. "As our hotel is not in the downtown, we must try to attract customers back by the quality of our food and service."


(Box 1)

                             Buffet/dish        Time   Ticket price


Breakfast                   6 a.m.-1O:30 a.m.     US$9.5

Lunch                        11 a.m.-2:30 p.m.      US$10.5

Dinner                         6 p.m.-l0 p.m.              US$14.5 (Man-Wed), US$16.5 (Thu-Sun)


A-la-carte dishes Open hours US$4-18 Source: Cafe Saigon

(Box 2)


Cafe Saigon

Address: 253 Nguyen Van Troi St., Phu Nhuan District, HCM City Tel: 8449222 - Fax: 8449201


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