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HCM from A-ZTuesday, 10/10/2006, 02:06

Tasting Mongolian horsemeat at Seventeen Saloon  

Tasting Mongolian horsemeat at S

Tasting Mongolian horsemeat at Seventeen Saloon  


Horsemeat is a very nutri-tious yet a hard-to-find food in the menus of restaurants in HCM City. There are venues, however, and one of them is the Seventeen Saloon Restaurant at 103A Pham Ngu Lao Street, District 1.

Those who want to taste this kind of meat in order to see if there is any difference with the other kinds will be satisfied when they come to the restaurant, which serves the meat imported from the remote Mongolian steppes.

Says a leaflet in the restaurant: �Horse meat is a very important ingredient and the main course of Mongolian people in their daily meals. Horse is the tireless animal riding all over the steppes and it can endure the harshness of nature.

Therefore, the Mongols believe that eating horsemeat helps children become stronger, the young men more robust and the old men have no more pain in the bones and live longer.� The leaflet also goes into statistics to specify that horsemeat contains 21.5% of protein, 5 to 7% of lipid, vitamins and mineral salt.

Nguyen Huu Hai, general manager, says: �Transporting and reserving horsemeat from Mongolia to Vietnam is not easy. Moreover, cooking the meat is unusual to the cooks. However, making the difference and bringing excitement to guests are our objectives.�

In fact, the restaurant has sent its cooks to Mongolia to learn the traditional cooking there and research the horsemeat menus from other various countries. The restaurant brings to life a unique horsemeat menu that is said to be unique in this city. Diners may be surprised at a wide range of dishes in the menu, including Lucky horse (diced horse meat), Napoleon horse (horse steak), Spicy Sauteed horse fillet in Mexican style, fried horse fillet with curry sauce filler roll W.coriander, and rolled horse fillet with cheese to name but a few.

Though Mongolian horsemeat is the delicacy of the restaurant, the style and the landscape of its interior decoration reflects the wilderness of the Far West in the United States. Thus, it is also called the Far West Inn. Two statues of the Indian standing in the front gate with their masks fitted with feathers, the yellow dried corns, the hurricane lamps, long-barrel revolvers, and bull heads hung here and there in the restaurant remind guests of the memory of an unstable land in the American history.

Seventeen Saloon is the two-floor iron wood house. Other furniture items and decorations in the house from tables and chairs, ceilings, the wine cabinet, the bar, cashier area to menus and ashtrays are all made of wood. The central position in the restaurant is the wooden stage designed with the shape of a huge barrel. Every night, country, flamenco, salsa melodies and hot Latin dance are performed by The Three Notes band from the Philippines here.

Guests who prefer a more quiet place can choose the air-conditioned VIP room named the �Sheriff Office� that can seat twelve persons, while those like the fresh air can choose tables along the balcony in the first floor of the restaurant. Sitting at this place, guests can enjoy the green of trees and grass in the Sept 23rd Park or watch the traffic lane in the most spacious and quiet street of the city.

The American-style restaurant served not only Mongolian horsemeat but also other various American dishes such as Far West seafood, cowboy roasted lamb leg with garlic, grilled pork ribs in Texas style, cowboy hot pot, spaghetti and other Asian dishes. Especially, the meal will be served after only five minutes of order.

The Seventeen Saloon is open from 10 a.m to 2 a.m. Diners who want to book a place can call (08) 914 0007 or fax to (08) 914 0008.

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