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Living in HCM CityWednesday, 03/30/2005, 06:59

Top Shops In The Top Town

HCM City highlights 22 shops where tourists can enjoy shopping with quality products and quality service
Top Shops In The Top Town  HCM City highlights 22 shops where tourists can enjoy shopping with quality products and quality service

Top Shops In The Top Town

HCM City highlights 22 shops where tourists can enjoy shopping with quality products and quality service

Among the thousands of shops of all sizes in HCM City, Vietnam's biggest trading and shopping center, there are 22 shops, mostly in downtown Saigon, that have passed a test to be designated shops of the high standard needed in serving tourists. The selection was made by the city government's Department of Tourism.
Last November, a panel worked for a whole month to judge candidates and picked out the 22 best shops. Qualified shops must have good infrastructure, diverse products, reasonable prices and good services.
"We have granted the title to improve service quality and competitiveness of tourism businesses to cater for tourists' shopping demands," says Nguyen Thi Lap Quoc, director of the Department of Tourism, the mastermind of this effort to make tourists feel very satisfied during their trips to the city.
Shoppers can recognize the 22 shops because they display a sign depicting the Lac Bird, a legendary bird in the Vietnamese culture.
The title is effective for two years and will be considered for renewal. HCM City tourism authorities say more shops will be selected following the first 22 shops (see map on the facing page).



Name of shop 






105 �ong Khoi St., D. 1 


Diamond Plaza 


34 Le Duan St., D. 1


My nghe Dong Phuong (Dong Phuong Fine Arts)


5 Le Van Huu St., D. 1


Kenly Silk 


84 Le Loi St., D. 1


Khai Silk 


107 �ong Khoi St., D. 1 


Khai Silk 


38 �ong Khoi St., D. 1


Miss Ao Dai 


21 Nguyen Trung Ngạn St., D. 1 


Nga Shop (PNJ)


61 Le Thanh Ton St., D. 1


PNJ Phu Nhuan Shop (Phu Nhuan Jewelry)


52b Nguyen Van Troi St., D. 3


PNJ Tan Dinh Shop 


292 Hai Ba Trung St., D. 1


My Nghe Phuong Nam (Phuong Nam Fine Arts)


219 Nguyen Trai St., D. 1


Saigon Jewelry Center 


66ter Le Loi St., D. 1


Saigon Woolen Carpet And Embroidery


14 Nguyen Hue St., D. 1


Saigontourist Department Store


35 bis Le Thanh Ton St., D. 1


Cua hang My Thuat Sai Gon G�n (Saigon Fine Arts)


160 Pasteur St., D. 1


Cty TNHH SX-TM Tay Son (Tay Son Predution and Trading)


198 Vo Thi Sau St., D. 1


T& M Silk 


155 �ong Khoi St., D. 1


Tax Plaza 


135 Nguyen Hue St., D. 1


XQ Saigon


52 Phạm Hong Thai St., D. 1


Cty Qua tang VITA (VITA Gifts)


66-68 Nguyen Trai St., D. 1


Zen Plaza 


54-56 Nguyen Trai St., D. 1


27-7 Product Advertising Showroom


153 X� Viet Nghe Tinh St., Binh Thạnh District

Shopping With Satisfaction

Ch�o! features some from the list of the 22 top HCM City shops

What are the benefits to tourists that the "top shops," the 22 shops of high tourism service standard, can bring? First, with a few exceptions, they are almost all in a prime location. The majority of them are in District 1, along or around Le Loi, the main street of HCM City. Second, customers will be received by salesclerks who can speak foreign languages and who are capable of helping them select the best gifts for loved ones.
The 22 shops can be roughly classified into different categories. For instance, some have large areas, and a few of them have parking lots for even jumbo buses. These are the favorite shopping venues for groups of tourists, namely Diamond Plaza, Saigontourist Department Store and Tax Plaza. Some shops are smaller but adopt unique interior designs and outstanding display. These are boutique shops. Some are big shopping malls selling a wide range of items, others specialize in only one kind of product such as clothes, fabrics or carpets like KhaiSilk or Kenly Silk. We feature some of the shops here.

XQ Saigon

Shop: XQ Saigon

Handmade embroidered pictures require plenty of skill and patience. XQ Saigon at 52 Pham Hong Thai Street in District 1 is a famous shop selling these works. XQ was set up by Vo Van Quan and his wife Hoang Le Xuan. XQ now has three shops in HCM City. Embroidered XQ pictures depict subjects as diverse as landscapes and portraits. At XQ Saigon, visitors are briefed on the history of the embroidery trade while having tea. In some cases, it takes an artisan three months to finish a single work. At XQ, an embroidered picture is for sale after it passes strict quality tests.


Saigon Jewelry Center

Shop : T&M

SJC and PNJ are the two top jewelry makers and they have shops in the list of 22 shops of tourism service standard. What is special about the products of these two companies is that they are handmade. At the Saigon Jewelry Center at 66 ter Le Loi Street, District 1, visitors can choose products on display or have their favorite items customized.

My Nghe Phuong Nam 
My Nghe Phuong Nam on 219 Nguyen Trai Street, District 1, is a favorite address for tour operators serving tourists in groups. The shop offers customers a wide choice of handicrafts, from lacquerware paintings and jewelry cases to furniture. Visitors are guided to the shop's in-house factory where lacquerware products are made.

Handicrafts From The Handicapped 

A business that has handicapped people carrying out its key tasks has been recognized by HCM City Service of 

Shop : 27-7

Tourism as one of the 22 top shopping venues for tourists. The center specializes in producing and trading handicrafts made by its handicapped workers. A part of 27-7 Company, the 27-7 Product Advertising Showroom (Trung tam Quang cao va Trung bay San pham 27-7) is attracting more attention from tourists. 
From materials such as bamboo, rattan, fern, cypress, seaweed and eggshell, the craftspeople at the center create jewelry boxes, bowls, baskets, wooden shoes, lacquer paintings, and the like. These products bear a Vietnamese style and are favored by tourists who visit the center. Tran Thanh Tam, 27, a worker with a deformity in her leg, says that every day she has to assemble pieces of processed eggshell for a set of four small pictures of different topics. It takes about two months to complete a lacquer painting. 
At the center, visitors can find lovely souvenirs or export products like wine cabinets and 11-drawer chests for interior decoration. They can also watch the people make beautiful and subtle products. 
Every three days, the center launches a new design. The center is exporting its products to many countries. In particular, ceramics and lacquerware are exported to Japan, and antiquated porcelain vases with stone powder of mossy color are exported to Germany.
Phan Huu Dinh, the center manager, says its next big step is to build in its yard a restaurant featuring southern-style dishes. 
27-7 Product Advertising Showroom
Address: 153 Xo Viet Nghe Tinh St., Ward 17, Binh Thanh District, HCM City.
Tel: 8408351.


Shop : Khaisilk

Khaisilk shops at 107 and 38 Dong Khoi Street, District 1, offer high-class fabrics and gowns, especially Vietnamese dresses, suits, scarves and handbags. The designs at Khaisilk are elegant and not too complicated.

My Nghe Dong Phuong 

Traveling on Le Duan Street in the direction of Saigon Zoo, you will reach a three-way intersection. On your right is Le Van Huu Street, and along it, not far from the intersection, is My Nghe Dong Phuong Shop. 
Here, you can find favorite souvenirs among an abundance of items. There are statues of Buddha, statues of the gods of luck, prosperity and longevity; sofas made of precious hardwood; and lacquer paintings in single units or sets with different topics such as countryside landscapes and a woman with flowers. 
In particular, you can also find bracelets and necklaces from Russia. They are made of amber. An assistant says that these products serve as body ornaments and can also reduce blood pressure.
Silver ornaments, handbags, and wallets made of crocodile leather are also available.
Address: 5 Le Van Huu St., District 1, HCM City
Tel: 8228668

Saigon Woolen Carpet and Embroidery Shop

Handily located in downtown HCM City, the Saigon Woolen Carpet and Embroidery Shop is an essential stopping point for tourists. 
The shop sells mainly woollen carpets, silk carpets and hand-embroidered pictures. Other items on sale are oil paintings, ceramics, and bamboo and rattan handicrafts. 
The woollen carpets of this shop are made completely from natural materials such as sheep wool, cotton and silk. They are much favored by foreigners. 
The products are exported to Russia, France, the United States, Germany, Australia, Hungary, Pakistan, Japan, and more. 
The shop belongs to Saigon Export Woollen Carpet Factory.
Address: 14 Nguyen Hue St., District 1, HCM City
Tel: 8244803


On Dong Khoi Street, HCM City's premier downtown shopping street, Creations Shop is well-placed to offer tourists garments made mainly of silk. The wide range of goods on sale includes scarves, ao dai, night dresses, and wedding dresses. There are different sizes for customers to choose. At this shop, tourists can have a set of garments made with their own measurements.
Apart from garments, wallets are also available. They are made of silk, bear different styles, and are decorated with colored plastic beads.
Employees at the shop can speak Japanese.
Address: 105 Dong Khoi St., District 1, HCM City

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